About Us

This site is owned and maintained by a small group of people led by Primo Esteria. We are based in Pennsylvania (US) and in Northern Samar (Philippines).

We publish Philippine history, blogs about Philippine politics, write programming how-to articles in many programming languages, and post blogs on server and database administration.

Kahimyang is a Waray-waray (or Waray-visayan) term meaning Peace. Waray-waray is a Filipino language dialect spoken mainly in the Samar and Leyte islands in the eastern-central Philippines also known as Eastern Visayas.

This version of the Project is built with myFaces (Java Server Faces) 2.2.10 core and jQuery Mobile 1.4.5 along with a few JQuery plugins and Javascript libraries (fancybox, Time Ago, Glide.js, Masonry/ImagesLoaded and SyntaxHighlighter) and social plugins for Google+ and Google Maps, Facebook, Tweeter and Pinterest.

We are a Tomcat-Nginx website.

We use icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com licensed under CC BY 3.0