The Kahimyang Project

Gallery of people, places, and events in Philippine history

President Garcia alongside wife Leonila, and VP Macapagal and wife Evangelina, at the Garcia's inaugural on December 30, 1957

A rare photograph of the Laurel family taken at Malacañang. President Jose Laurel holding the young Salavdor

President Ferdinand Marcos presents the trophy to Muhammed Ali at Trilla in Manila, October 1, 1975

Cuban President Fidel Castro tours First Lady Imelda Marcos and daughter Imee during their visit in 1978.

Juan dela Cruz plaque by Guillermo E. Tolentino (Source: Philippine Magazin, March 1934).

The Ramon Magsaysay Award, created in 1957, is the highest prize for leadership in Asia. The award is presented every 31st of August—the birth anniversary of President Ramon Magsaysay. (Source: National Library of the Philippines)

President Elpidio Quirino shake hands with Huk Leader Luis Taruc upon issuing amnesty to the rebel group on the condition that they disarm on June 21, 1948. The negotiation will eventually collapse on August, 1948. (Source: National Library of the Philippines.)

Re-electionist President Ferdinand E. Marcos during his campaign for the Presidential Elections of 1969 (Source: National Library of the Philippines)

During presidential campaign in 1961, candidate Diosdado Macapagal charms some old ladies, the ladies in turn, literally sweep him off his feet (Source: Philippine Presidential Museum and Library).

A year after the war ended, the Cojuangco children were sent to the United States to study. The three younger girls were admitted to the Ravenhill Academy in Philadelphia. The next year, Cory transferred to Notre Dame Convent School in New York City, where she finished high school. She went on to major in French and mathematics at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in the same city (Source:


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