Today in Philippine History, May 3, 1859, Enrique Mendiola was born in San Miguel, Manila

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On May 3, 1859, Enrique Mendiola, educator and textbook author, was born in San Miguel, Manila to Quintin Mendiola, a blacksmith, and Maria Escolastica Victorino.

He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Colegio de San Juan de Letran. He started teaching after finishing law at the University of Santos Tomas and later completed a course in philosophy and letters.

   Enrique Mendiola
   (Enrique Mendiola)

Mendiola founded the La Invencion de la Santa Cruz School in Ongpin Street, which was considered one of the outstanding Filipino-supervised schools at that time. It offered courses from the primary years to the full secondary school curriculum.

By the second semester of the academic year 1898-99, the school started to give English language courses under an American teacher.

Mendiola became director of the Instituto Burgos which was founded by the revolutionary government in Malolos, Bulacan and, Liceo de Manila.

As a textbook writer, Mendiola's academic works were: Programa de Gramática Castellana (1892), a textbook for the first course in Spanish grammar; Programa de Gramática Castellana y Latina (1893); Programa de Historia Universal (1892); El Instructor Filipino (1898); Doctrina Civil (1901), in collaboration with Ignacio B. Villamor; A Puntes Sobre la Historia de Filipinas (1910).

He also founded and edited the weekly school paper, La Alborada.

Notably, he was one of the first Filipinos appointed to the University of the Philippines board of regents.

He died on March 30, 1914 at the age of 54.

The historic Mendiola street and bridge near Malacañang in San Miguel, Manila was named after him.

Reference: Philippines News Agency archives


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