Today in Philippine History, May 20, 1865, Secondary Education was organized

Saturday May 19, 2012 ()

On May 20, 1865, the Secondary Education in the Philippines was organized with schools divided into public and private.

The University of Santo Tomas was considered public school, while the Royal College of San Juan de Letran, the Ateneo Municipal, the College of Bacolor, and all other secondary schools were placed under two categories -- the first being those which offered the complete course leading to the bachelor of arts degree.

Accordingly, the establishment of the earliest schools in the Philippines were in compliance with King Charles V's decree of July 7, 1550, which provided that the native inhabitants in all the Spanish dominions were to be taught the conqueror's language.

As part of the conversion, the Spanish missionaries in the Philippines used children in the belief that they would easily learn the Spanish alphabet, language, Christian doctrine and customs, policies and transmit them in the towns afterwards.

Associated with the policy of conversion was the founding of a secondary school for "the sons of native ruling families" in preparation not only for Christianizing them but also as future "gobernadorcillos" (little governors) and "cabezas de barangay" (now barangay chairman).

Reference: Philippines News Agency


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