Today in Philippine History, June 18, 1908, the University of the Philippines was established

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   University of the Philippines

On June 18, 1908, the Philippine Legislature enacted a law for the establishment of the University of the Philippines. Preliminary organization of this institution was begun during the latter part of the same year.

The American occupation of the Philippines was followed rapidly by the establishment of a large number of elementary schools and at least one high school in every province. It was soon felt that the nation ought to have a university as the capstone of this public-school system to produce leaders for the nation and prepare men for service in professional and technical fields.

Moreover, in order to retain the students in the high schools, assurance had to be given that the Government intended to provide advanced and professional courses in English. Otherwise they preferred to attend the Spanish schools.

The College of Medicine was, chronologically considered, the first unit of the University. It was originally known as the Philippine Medical School created by a special act on December 1, 1905, and opened to students for purposes of instruction on June 10, 1907. It became a university college on the 8th of December, 1910. The Schools of Pharmacy and Dentistry were some time later added to the College of Medicine but as yet have not been made separate colleges.

Today in Philippine History, June 18, 1908, the University of the Philippines was established

The School of Fine Arts was authorized by the Legislature when the University was established.

The College of Agriculture was established at Los Banos in 1909. It has since become one of the important features of the University system.

The College of Veterinary Science was opened in Manila about the middle of the year 1910 and, in 1920, its location was moved to Los Banos, Laguna, in proximity to the College of Agriculture. Also at this location and on lands belonging to the Bureau of Forestry and adjoining the Colleges of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, the School of Forestry was established in 1916.

The College of Engineering began operations in June, 1910.

The College of Law was founded in 1911.

The Conservatory of Music was established in 1916.

A Junior College of Liberal Arts in 1918 was established at Cebu and in 1922, it became the Junior College of the University.

The School of Education which was organized as a department of the College of Liberal Arts in 1913, became the College of Education in 1918.

Today, the university system is comprised of seven constituent universities located in 12 campuses throughout the Philippine archipelago. These constituent universities nurture the intellectual and cultural growth of the Filipino through 246 undergraduate and 362 graduate programs.

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