Today in Philippine History, October 3, 1863 Candido Iban was born in Capiz

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A late 19th century photograph of armed Filipino rebels, known as the Katipuneros
(A late 19th century photograph of the Katipuneros.)

On October 3, 1863, Candido Iban, leader of the Katipunan in the Visayas, was born in Liloan, Malinao, Capiz.

Candido Iban is considered the first overseas contract worker from Malinao, diving for pearls in Australia. As luck would have it, he won a considerable sum in a lottery and came back to Manila. He was befriended by Procopio Bonifacio, the brother of Andres Bonifacio, and was inducted as a Katipunero by Andres in the caves of Montalban.

The first printing press of the Katipunan was paid for by the lottery winnings of Candido Iban.

Eventually, Candido Iban, together with Francisco Castillo, were sent to Aklan to organize the Katipunan in the Visayas. Barrio Lilo-an of Malinao became the base of this branch of the Katipunan.

In 1897, believing that the time was ripe for the start of the revolution, eighty-two (82) Katipuneros from Barrio Lilo-an marched to the poblacion to persuade the local authorities to join the revolution. The uprising called "El Levantamiento de los 82 de Lilo-an" failed and the leaders captured.

Attempts to rescue the prisoners failed.

On March 23, 1897, Candido Iban, Benito Iban, Gabino Yonsal, and 16 others were executed by the Spanish authorities. They were later be known as the "19 Martyrs of Aklan".

Today, a monument of Iban and the failed uprising, the "El Levantamiento de los 82 de Lilo-an", stands at the Malinao's town plaza.

References: Philippines News Agency archives
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