Today in Philippine History, April 25, 1962, the Sultan of Sulu and Macapagal initiated the claim over North Borneo

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On April 25, 1962, Sultan Mohammad Esmail Kiram and Princess Tarhata Kiram of Sulu met with President Macapagal in Malacañang to disccus matters of the Sultanate of Sulu. This meeting led to the creation of a legislative-executive commission, headed by Speaker protempore Salipada Pendatun, that initiated the process of the claim of the Sultanate of Sulu over North Borneo.

   1984 Postage stamp of Tarhata Kiram
   (The 1984 Tarhata Kiram 3-peso Philippine postage stamp)

Consequently, on August 16, 1962, the heirs of the late Padukka Mahasari Maulana Sultan Hadji Muhammad Jamalul Kiram II, represented by Princess Tarhata, signed waivers of their rights over North Borneo in favor of the Philippine Government.

Finally on September 12, 1962, the same Heirs of the Sultan of Sulu, again, represented by Princess Tarhata Kiram, in the presence of Vice-President Pelaez and the reigning Sultan, Muhammad Esmail Kiram, signed instruments transferring their sovereignty claim on North Borneo to the Philippine Government. They also constituted the Government of the Philippines as their sole attorney-in-fact to negotiate with the British Government on their proprietory claim.

Later on February 8, 1963, Datu Mohammad Jal Asbi Sultan Jamalul Kiram of Jolo told the press that he is the rightful heir of the late Sultan of Sulu and disagreed with the Philippine claim to North Borneo "in so far as other claimants as heirs are concerned".

Also on April 20, 1963, another Sultan, Sultan Mohamad Julaspi, who claimed to be the son of the late Sultan Jamalul Kiram II of Sulu, accompanied by former Sulu Governor Hadji Gulamo Rasul, his adviser, was at Jesselton (present day Kota Kinabalu) for the purpose of "selling" the North Borneo territory to the British Government.

The death of Sultan Jamalul Kiram II

On June 7, 1936, His Highness Padukka Mahasari Maulana Sultan Hadji Muhammad Jamalul Kiram II died of kidney trouble in his residence at Maimbung, Jolo, after an illness of several weeks.

He left no direct heirs. Padukka Datu Raja-Muda Muallil Wasit was his only living brother. The older brother of the Sultan, who reigned as Sultan Badaruddin from 1880 to 1882, left one child, a daughter, Dayang Dayang Hadji Piandau, and another younger brother, Datu Atik, left two daughters, Putri Tarhata, and the other Putri Sakinulin, also known as Princess Emme.

Sultan Mohammad Esmail Kiram is said to be the eldest son of Raja-Muda Muallil Wasit.

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