Today in Philippine History, April 16, 1902, General Malvar surrendered in Tanauan Batangas

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   General Miguel  Malvar
   General Miguel Malvar
On April 16, 1902, General Miguel Malvar surrendered to General Franklin Bell in Tanauan, Batangas, after having been surrounded by forces of Bell, General Mariano Trias, and General Juan Cailles. In the words of Felipe Buencamino, Trias and Cailles "cooperated a good deal" with Bell to effect the surrender of Malvar.

General Mariano Trias received from General Adna Chaffee, 200 rifles to pursue and fight Malvar around the outskirts of Cavite. General Juan Cailles, who also received 200 rifles from General Chaffee, pursue Malvar through the outskirts of the province of Laguna. General Malvar surrendered being caught between the forces of General Bell in the interior of Batangas, and being surrounded from Cavite and Laguna by the forces of Generals Cailles and Trias.

Today in Philippine History, April 16, 1902,  General Malvar surrendered in Tanauan Batangas

Felipe Buencamino, speaking (through interpreter Frank Joannini) before the Committee on Insular Affairs of the United States Congress on May 31, 1902, said the following about General Malvar.

... Batangas was the heart of the trouble of the war against America, while Cavite was the center of operations of insurrection against Spain. Mabini, the head of the irreconcilables, is a native of Batangas, and Agoncillo and Ilustre, the principal members of the Hongkong junta, are natives of Batangas, and Senior Lopez, who lives in Boston, also an irreconcilable insurgent, is also a native of Batangas. All these men belong to very prominent families of Batangas. They are all honest and intelligent men. I believe they are working in good faith, although in my opinion they are completely wrong. These men were those who were encouraging Malvar to continue the war against the United States, but by means of the strong and humane work of General Bell, it was made possible that Malvar instead of being captured should surrender because his surrender decides the political question, and his capture would have been nothing but the expression of a victory of the Army.

The surrender began the previous day at about 3:00pm when Malvar was taken out of the woods of Rasario with the actual surrender taking place at 8:00am before General Bell in Tanauan.

After his surrender, Malvar lived a quiet and comfortable life. He graciously declined the offer for him to become governor of Batangas Province.

General Malvar died on Oct. 13, 1911, of a liver ailment in Manila. He was 46. His remains were brought to Santo Tomas, Batangas and was buried with military honors.

Statement Before the Committee on Insular Affairs on conditions in the Philippine Islands, by Felipe Buencamino. May 31, June 3 and 4, 1902, Washington Government Printing Office 1902


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