Today in Philippine History, November 8, 1521, Magellan's Trinidad and Victoria arrived in Tidore Moluccas

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On November 8, 1521, after Magellan's death, his ships Victoria commanded by Juan Sebastián Elcano, the first ship to circumnavigate the globe, and Trinidad arrived at Tidore in the Moluccas.

Shortly before Magellan went for battle in Mactan, the Admiral received information that the Molucca islands, which he came out in search of, were not far distant. After his death in the battle of Mactan, his men continued the voyage with the remaining ships Trinidad and Victoria reaching Tidore on November 8.

   Magellan's ship Victoria
   (Magellan's ship Victoria)

In these islands the Spaniards were kindly received by the respective Princes and suffered to build a fort and erected a factory. In the middle of December both ships attempted to depart Tidore loaded with cloves, but Trinidad almost immediately began to leak badly. It was agreed that Victoria would leave for Spain and Trinidad would remain for repairs.

On April 6, 1522, Trinidad left Tidore loaded with 50 tons of cloves. Her commander was Gonzalo Gomez de Espinosa, Magellan's alguacil or master-at-arms, a good soldier, but no sailor. After 10 days Trinidad put in at one of the Marianas, where three men deserted, and then headed northeast. Espinosa was apparently trying to reach the Westerlies, but did not find them. Five months after leaving, Trinidad turned back and 2 months later reached the Moluccas. The Portuguese afterwards took the ship as a prize and ruined their factory.

A building built by the Spanish government to commemorate the landing of ships Trinidad and Victoria and of Juan Sebastian de Elcano and crew can be found near Fort Tsjobbe, Tidore, Indonesia.


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