Today in Philippine history, June 27, 1974, the Manila Transit Corporation was created to operate bus line known as "Love Bus"

Sunday June 28, 2020 ()

On June 27, 1974, by virtue of Presidential Decree 492, the government created the Metro Manila Transit Corporation (MMTC) to operate a publicly owned bus line later known as the "Love Bus".

Love Bus
(The Love Bus)

The Love Bus is one of the first air-conditioned buses in the country. It was a brainchild of former First Lady Imelda R. Marcos.

It was revolutionary vehicle when it was first launched, painted in blue and with "no standing on the aisle" policy.

The first terminal of the Love Bus was in Escolta, Manila. From there, the bus goes to Philcoa, then makes a U-Turn towards East Avenue and Ali Mall terminal. There was also route from Cubao to Rustan's Makati and then back to Escolta.

It was declared by President Ferdinand Marcos to be the policy of the state to rationalize and integrate public transportation services in order to attain the following objectives:

  1. To integrate public transportation operations in Metropolitan Manila (herein used as defined by the Bureau of Census and Statistics) into one corporate entity such that the operators, with franchises to operate within the area, transfer their assets involved in the transport business in exchange for equity participation in the corporation.
  2. To establish and operate an integrated public transportation system in Metropolitan Manila which will:
    • Eliminate destructive competition and service duplication among different transport modes and firms;
    • Rationalize route allocation and provide proper balance of commuter service in all routes;
    • Effect economies in operations and overhead facilities and logistics support;
    • Develop a financially strong and operationally efficient metropolitan transport firm;
    • Work towards the standardization of rolling stock equipment and other facilities in order to satisfy the requirements of the riding public.

However, in the first four years of its operation, the company accumulated a deficit of over P140 million.

The company also suffered from absenteeism and a sharp decline in the number of buses in operation between 1983 and 1987. The MMTC eventually stopped operations in the 1990s.


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Comments (Today in Philippine history, June 27, 1974, the Manila Transit Corporation was created to operate bus line known as "Love Bus")