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Significant moments in ancient and recent Philippine history

Closer look at the December 1, 1989 coup attempt on Cory Aquino - The cost of US forces air cover

(Posted Sunday July 05, 2020 18:24:34)

In weathering the biggest challenge to her government from major factions within the military, Corazon Aquino was forced to call upon US military assistance, deployed from the US strategic air base at Clark Field.

The Marcos record: The new name for social justice is Development

(Posted Saturday July 04, 2020 18:08:32)

Ferdinand Marcos was elected President in 1965. The U.S. war in Indochina was just getting under way, and U.S. military presence in the Philippines was greatly expanded, as the military bases at Subic Bay and Clark Airfield became launching pads for countless air-strikes. This activity contributed to a Maoist insurgency within the country, provoking a declaration of Martial Law in 1972, which lasted until 1981.

August 1980: Ninoy Aquino threatens Marcos government with new terrorist attacks

(Posted Friday July 03, 2020 14:26:27)

In August 1980, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., a former Senator in the Philippines, has in effect threatened President Ferdinand Marcos with new terrorist action against his government.

The unprecedented libel suit of Cory Aquino against Luis Beltran: Hiding under her bed during a coup attempt

(Posted Wednesday July 01, 2020 13:41:53)

An angry President Corazon Aquino, who has been fighting a public perception of weakness and indecision, on October 12, 1987, filed an unprecedented libel suit against a widely read newspaper columnist who wrote that Aquino "hid under her bed" during an aborted August 28 coup attempt.

President Marcos' interview in Hawaii on April 1986; I don't throw anything away, even old slippers - Mrs. Marcos

(Posted Tuesday June 30, 2020 12:47:46)

Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos says his wife's collection of 3,000 pairs of shoes was simply the accumulation of 20 years, and that depictions of their lifestyle as like "the Arabian nights" were false.

DUMP MARCOS - A declassified/sanitized CIA document dated December 9, 1985

(Posted Tuesday June 30, 2020 10:57:46)

(Unedited copy of sanitized CIA document approved for release July 19, 2010 (CIA-RDP90-00552R000201670009-8). Scroll down to the sources section of the this page to read the original PDF document from

The story of Flor Contemplacion, the OFW executed in Singapore

(Posted Saturday June 27, 2020 13:48:18)

Flor Ramos Contemplacion was a Filipina domestic worker executed in Singapore for murder. Her execution severely strained relations between Singapore and the Philippines, and caused many Filipinos to vent their frustrations over the plight of Overseas Filipino Workers towards both states' governments.

Brief history of Cojuanco's Hacienda Luisita and Cory's Land Reform program

(Posted Friday June 26, 2020 13:53:23)

Before the Cojuangco family acquired Hacienda Luisita in the 1950s, it belonged to the Spanish-owned Compaña General de Tabacos de Filipinas (Tabacalera). Tabacalera acquired the land in 1882 from the Spanish crown, which had a self-appointed claim on the lands as the Philippines' colonial master. Luisita was named after Luisa, the wife of the top official of Tabacalera.

The history of the Reserve Officer Training Corp in the Philippines

(Posted Sunday June 21, 2020 16:30:40)

ROTC training in the country dates back to our colonial past. During the British invasion of the Philippines in 1762, some 200 students from the University of Santo Tomas were organized to aid the Spanish forces in defending Manila. Later on, the native contingent was professionalized and the cadets were given access to military training.

The beginning of slavery in English-speaking America

(Posted Wednesday June 17, 2020 12:12:57)

In late August 1619, an English pirate ship named the White Lion sailed into the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and anchored at Point Comfort. It deposited, according to handwritten records, "20 and odd" Africans seized from a Portuguese slave ship headed to what is now Mexico.

Eduardo Masferré the father of Philippine photography

(Posted Saturday May 30, 2020 16:48:30)

Eduardo Masferré was a Filipino-Catalan photographer who made important documentary reports about the lifestyle of native people in the region of the Cordillera in the Philippines at the middle of 20th century. He is regarded as the Father of Philippine photography.

Why has life become much harder and politics even more corrupt after EDSA?

(Posted Friday March 06, 2020 18:16:03)

If there is anything to learn from the so-called EDSA Revolution 34 years ago, it is that it has not only become a long avenue of questions, regrets and flawed political, social and economic policies but a source of continuing hatred, vengeance and disunity that continue to imperil the country.

ABS-CBN, Meralco and Lopez family - are they victims or Marcos regime beneficiaries?

(Posted Monday March 02, 2020 22:20:29)

Barely a few days after the Lopezes and the Cojuangcos had moved into the [Corazon] Aquino administration after the EDSA uprising that toppled the Marcos regime in 1986, the Lopez family requested President Aquino for the return of all the Lopez assets, including Meralco (Manila Electric Co.), which by then was under the First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPHC).

RAM, Enrile not against Marcos in February 1986 but to end military junta; FM virtual prisoner in Malacañang

(Posted Tuesday February 25, 2020 13:42:13)

The withdrawal of support of the group of then Defense Secretary Juan Ponce-Enrile in February 1986 was not against the late president Ferdinand Marcos but to end a junta that effectively controls the government then.