How to know if you have been hacked

Sunday June 26, 2011 ()

Hackers go after your information. If they have your email address(es) and password(s) all the rest of your personal information becomes easily accesible. It was not easy to know if you are a hacker victim unless you work for a company and the company sent-out notification that company was hacked and your computer was among those compromised OR you become an identity victim yourself.

Now there is an easy way to know if you are a hacker victim. An Australian technology professional and former security consultant, Daniel Grzelak, has built a Web site, “Should I Change My Password?, where you can check whether your information is in 13 publicly available stashes containing more than 800,000 stolen records.

To see if your info is there, simply visit the site and type in your e-mail address — he promises that he will not capture or store it. If it’s found, you will be told how many times and get tips for creating strong passwords and using them safely.

If you maintain several email addresses and online accounts, it is a good idea to have different strong passwords for each account and/or email address. Usually you would maintain a passwords file because it becomes harder to remember strong lenthy passwords.

Please note that if your computer is compromised you are almost certain that your passwords file will be stolen. Protect yourself by saving your passwords file in a removable drive like a thumb drive. DO NOT STORE PASSWORDS FILE IN YOUR COMPUTER'S HARD DRIVE.


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