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Tuesday October 09, 2018 ()

This is a temporary support page for our Fitbit clocks and apps. This will eventually be moved to a new address once the new website is completed.

tee-nine Versa clockface

The tee-nine is a FREE clockface for Versa featuring, clock, stats, and current weather, wind speed, and temperature from Weather station is set through either, a five-digit US Zip code for US users, or "city,2-letter country code" entry (Ex. "london,uk" or "san francisco,us", or "san francisco,ca,us" or "manila,ph"). GPS of companion phone is used when no location is setup.

Fitbit Versa support page

Although not required, an API key from would enable a more frequent weather info refresh. Visit the preceeding link to setup an account and generate your own API Key. Copy and paste the generated key into the text field for this purpose in the settings of this app.

By default, weather refresh is set to 30 minutes. It becomes 15 minutes when API key is set.

Font color for stats, clock, and weather are configurable to suit your color combination taste.

Stats icon color turns to green when a goal is reached.

The grayed number beside the heart rate (BPM) is the user's resting heart rate. It is hidden when BPM becomes over 99. This is done to avoid overlap of information. The color of BPM text changes corresponding to your heart rate zones.

Fonts of steps and calories burned become condensed when over 999. Steps in particular is displayed in "99.9K" format when over 9999. This is also to prevent overlapping of displayed information.

Current weather is displayed alternating with the current city at 3-second interval. This is useful when using GPS, so you may know which weather station the current weather information is extracted from. If weather or city is too long to fit in the display area, each scrolls right to left in the display area.

A bump vibrate is generated for each new weather update.

From your phone with the Fitbit app installed, tap the link below to install the latest version direct:

tee-nine clock for Versa v1.02

You may also install the clockface from the Fitbit App Gallery.

Future updates

  • Option for choice of weather refresh rate if API key is used.
  • Option for 3-hr or 6-hr weather forecast.

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