Ubuntu Linux: Your free Windows 7 replacement

Saturday July 16, 2011 ()

Ubuntu Linux is a free operating system based on another Linux distribution Debian Linux. Debian is one of the oldest and most stable distribution very popular in the server community. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux operating system for the desktop today Almost everything you have in your Windows 7 or Vista has its free Ubuntu counterpart plus thousands more of free software available from within your installation through the Ubuntu software repositories. Free software are also available from third parties sources.

Here are a few reasons why you should switch to Linux

  • Free. Ubuntu and most Linux flavors (distributions) are forever free of charge. You will not spend a dime with Linux unlike Windows where you spend several hundreds of dollars for a new installtion and hundreds more for each upgrade.
  • Secure. Security in Linux is integrated into the core of the operating system which makes it virtually unbeatable. Most viruses, spyware and other malwares are targeted towards the more popular Windows. Malwares does not work against Linux. Some Linux users actually don't bother installing antivirus software in their system.
  • Stable/Speed - Ubuntu boots up in just few seconds This is unheard up in other operating systems. It also offers smooth user session every time. There is no slowing down or being stacked because of too many processes running like in Windows. Very rarely that you hear stories of Ubuntu freezing or even slowing down.
  • Hardware independent. Ubuntu Linux run even with your oldest computer. Where your old XP computer doesn't work anymore, Ubuntu will run on it smoothly.
  • Community Support. There are lots of online forums out there that are dedicated to Linux and Ubuntu users. From installation to developing custom OS out of Ubuntu, your questions and doubts are answered and cleared by free support.
  • You encourage Open Source. By using Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution, you encourage Open Source. Often called the future of the software industry, Open Source makes software stable. By making source code publicly available you encourage developers to contribute to its development. You help the cause in a big way by using Linux.

Several ways to install and use Ubuntu

  • Install Ubuntu by itself. You get rid of you existing operating system totally.
  • Install Ubuntu along side with your existing Windows installation. They call this installation dual booting. You are presented with OS boot option each time you power up your computer. You run either of your old OS or Ubuntu, but not both at the same time. It is recommended that you backup your existing hard drive data before continuing with this option.
  • Newer computer hardwares with multi core CPU with higher RAM are common these days. If you have such a hardware you can install a virtual machine like Sun's VirtualBox. You will then need to install Ubuntu as a guest OS of the VirtualBox. This setup lets you run your existing OS and Ubuntu simultaneously.
  • wubi. This will install Ubuntu in Windows just like a regular Windows application.
  • Install on a thumb drive. If your BIOS supports booting from a USB drive, this is a good portable way using Ubuntu.

How to install Ubuntu

There are lots of good Ubuntu installation instructions available online and so I will just point you to one of the most popular, however I will support you in the best way that I can resolve your installation issues. Please head over to the site below to install the latest Ubuntu.


Ubuntu download page

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Good luck.


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