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Using jQuery UI in CGI C++ Web application

(Posted Friday December 07, 2012 18:30:01)

In this demonstration we will illustrate how to integrate jQuery into a cgicc C++ web application. We will also show how to use cgicc forms and cookies to manage user session. The example that follows also illustrates using, jQuery's Tab view, Dialog, Accordion panel and button widgets.

Using expect script C/C++ library to manage Linux hosts

(Posted Saturday November 17, 2012 16:09:27)

The expect C library is an altenative to using plain expect scripts, specially useful if you are a C or C++ programmer who also mange Linux hosts.  The program that follows was built in Debian, it is a simple demonstration on how to use the library.

A simple C/C++ database daemon

(Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012 23:40:46)

Here is a simple C/C++ daemon for watching MySQL tables for updates.   This is a full working program that illustrates how to build a daemon,  that uses MySQL C/C++ connector and Google glog for logging.   This daemon also uses a simple emailer that employs a pipe to execute the mail trasport agent (MTA) in our Debian system.   Postfix sendmail is our MTA.

Using MySQL data to populate sections of HTML template and render page with CGI C++

(Posted Tuesday September 27, 2011 03:36:49)

One of the many ways to serve dynamic content is through templates and databases. We will demonstrate how to accomplish this idea using MySQL as our data source and MySQL++ to fetch data from MySQL server. CGI C++ renders our output. This procedure is done in a Debian 6 environment but should work the same with any Debian derivatives like Ubuntu. This is Part 2 of our C++/CGI blog series.

How to build a C/C++ web application using CGI C++ library for Debian Linux deployment

(Posted Saturday September 24, 2011 20:29:11)

C/C++ means performance. If you are already a C/C++ programmer you may want to leverage your expertise to build a speedy website. If you are just learning C++, visit this link for additional resource. The goal of this blog is to demonstrate how to build a C++-CGI based web application. This is Part 1 of a multipart C++/cgi blog series.

Our environment

Our server is Debian Linux 6 running Apache2. We use libcgicc as our CGI C++ library.