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Serving responsive Adsense ad units

(Posted Monday August 05, 2013 19:09:50)

Responsive adsense ad units are helpful for websites targeting various screen sizes where ad units adapting to screen resolutions are desired. This is the case for mobile websites. This blog is based on a blog from "inside adsense blogs". Please note that link units are not yet supported as of blog time.

To create responsive ads, generate the ad unit code as you usually would from your adsense account. When creating a new unit, a code generaor window is presented and from this window choose to generate the new Asynchronous (BETA) JavaScript code from a dropdown.

A Collection of Free SSH (Secure Shell) clients for Windows

(Posted Monday October 17, 2011 00:38:31)

This is a collection of totally free SSH clients for Windows. SSH is a terminal emulator that would allow you to connect to remote host securely.

Ubuntu Linux: Your free Windows 7 replacement

(Posted Saturday July 16, 2011 14:37:44)

Ubuntu Linux is a free operating system based on another Linux distribution Debian Linux. Debian is one of the oldest and most stable distribution very popular in the server community. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux operating system for the desktop today Almost everything you have in your Windows 7 or Vista has its free Ubuntu counterpart plus thousands more of free software available from within your installation through the Ubuntu software repositories. Free software are also available from third parties sources.

How to rip a DVD or Blu ray movie for Android or IPhone in Windows

(Posted Tuesday July 12, 2011 20:34:04)

File size limit of both Andriod and Iphone is around 2 gigabytes. In addition, storage capacities of most smartphones are not big enough that you are limited to carry only a certain number of multimedia files. Here is how to rip a DVD or Blu ray movie disk that you own and compress them into a smaller file and still maintain a good playback quality in your own smartphone.

How to know if you have been hacked

(Posted Sunday June 26, 2011 20:25:10)

Hackers go after your information. If they have your email address(es) and password(s) all the rest of your personal information becomes easily accesible. It was not easy to know if you are a hacker victim unless you work for a company and the company sent-out notification that company was hacked and your computer was among those compromised OR you become an identity victim yourself.

How to safely browse the web and avoid botnets.

(Posted Wednesday June 22, 2011 19:29:34)

With the rapid advancement in technologies there goes also an increasing number of cyber criminals. Without you knowing it, your personal information is being used by someone for all sorts of things you will not like. Without your knowledge, your computer may have been hijacked already and is part of a botnet's ongoing attack of a certain government or business website.

Here is a simple guide to protect yourself and your computer online.