A partial collection of the paintings of Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée

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Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée (December 30, 1724 – June 19, 1805) was a French painter. A pupil of Carlo Vanloo, Lagrenée was born in Paris,

In 1755 he became a member of the Royal Academy, presenting as his diploma picture the Abduction of Deianira (Louvre). He visited Saint Petersburg at the call of the empress Elizabeth, and on his return was named in 1781, director of the French Academy in Rome, a position he kept until 1787. In 1804 Napoleon Bonaparte conferred on him the cross of the légion d'honneur. On June 19, 1805 he died in the Louvre, of which he was honorary keeper.

The following is a faithful photographic reproduction of an original two-dimensional work of art. Please click on the photo to enlarge.

Sortant Diane Du Bain

Pygmalion and Galatea. Oil on canvas, 1781.

Mars and Venus, Allegory of Peace. Oil on canvas, 1770.

The Abduction of Deianeira by the Centaur Nessus, 1755. Oil on canvas painting.

The bath of Venus.

Aurora's Take Off. Oil on canvass

Rinaldo and Armida. Oil on canvas. 1766.

The Education of the Virgin. Oil on canvas. Circa 1772.

La mort de la femme de Darius (The Death Of Darius Wife). Oil on canvas. 1785.

Alcibiades On His Knees Before His Mistress. 1781.

Diana and Endymion. Oil on canvas. 1776.

Sarah Presenting Hagar To Abraham

The Judgment Of Paris

Tancred and Clorinda. 1761.

Daphnis And Chloe

Venus Teaching Cupid To Read

Source: Photo and text: Wikimedia Commons


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