Diabolical plot to install Leni Robredo as President - Theory

Friday April 29, 2016 ()

Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo

In certain political circles, the supposed spectacular jump of Leni Robredo's SWS numbers in statistical tie with Senator Bongbong Marcos, is merely a prelude to a diabolical plot by the Yellows to remain in power even if Roxas loses. According to this theory, the LP has all but conceded that Roxas will lose and is now working to make Robredo win as vice president as the next best thing.

This theory goes, if either Mayor Rody Duterte or Vice President Jejomar Binay wins the presidential race and Robredo makes it to the Vice Presidency, the plan to re-take Malacañang Palace will go into effect. I confess I don't know why there is no scenario for such a takeover if Senator Grace Poe makes it as president.

Diabolical plot to install Leni Robredo as President - Theory

The template was supposedly created right after Joseph Estrada won in 1998. That was the year the Yellows and their elitist backers were run over by the unstoppable "Jeep ni Erap", which made it all the way to Malacañang even if Erap himself was eventually forced to step down.

Just like what they did to Estrada, the Yellows will start working from Day 1 of either a Duterte or Binay presidency to remove the new occupant of Malacañang. And just like in 2001, the Yellows and the elite will have Leni reprise the role of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as the all-too-willing replacement of the ousted popular president who had the audacity to win even if he had not been chosen by the elite.

Depending on how fast it would take the Yellow-oligarch combine to oust the new president, Leni could serve as long as (or even longer than) Arroyo, who was gifted Erap's unexpired term before winning a controversial election against Fernando Poe Jr. in 2004. Of course, almost immediately after Arroyo beat Poe and started to serve an elected six-year term, she ran afoul of her former backers, led by the "sainted" Cory Aquino and the Makati Business Club.

And so Gloria had to spend her last six years in office fighting off Cory and the oligarchs. Then Cory died in 2009 and the Yellows found their unlikely champion in her feckless slacker of a son - the rest of this unfortunate story, we already know.

It's true that Arroyo didn't start out as the Yellow's designated replacement to Erap. But she was next in line and perfectly willing to undermine Estrada, which was why the elitist anti-Erap movement had no choice.

Remember that Noli de Castro was also being groomed to replace Arroyo by the same crowd if she could be forced to step down after 2004. That didn't happen because both parties could not agree on the "terms".

But Leni Robredo appears to have been vetted way ahead of the plan to make her replace Duterte or Binay.


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