President Duterte should not let the Great Electoral Fraud of 2016 simply pass

Tuesday May 31, 2016 ()

President Rodrigo Duterte

So "vice president-elect" Leni Robredo has been proclaimed. What exactly does that mean? It means the country's biggest den of alleged thieves proclaimed her vice president. Does it mean she won the elections? That's not been established. Congress just says so.

It is quite ironic that the very same bozos who had been slamming the bald pork barrel thievery of Congress for several years are now swallowing up its proclamations so easily. You can't recognize a body as a bunch of crooks on one issue and then, on another, embrace everything they stand for. That's being inconsistent. Perhaps this is the reason why the Philippines is a bag of sad contradictions. Nothing about what it is, what it stands for, and what it does is consistent in the sense of the way it would have stacked up on the back of sound principles.

President Duterte should not let the Great Electoral Fraud of 2016 simply pass

Perhaps there is good reason why president-elect Rodrigo Duterte skipped this so-called "proclamation". He does not need Congress to crown him President of the Philippines. The huge lead over his rivals for the Malacanang seat in these elections gave him immunity over the Liberal Party's now-evident cheating operations. In short, Duterte may have won, but to have Congress validate that win is tantamount to validating their hand in depriving Duterte of the votes that should have been counted for him just the same.

President Duterte should not let the Great Electoral Fraud of 2016 simply pass.

The idea that Duterte should simply "move on" because "he won anyway" is just plain stupid and the sort of thinking harboured by a nation of cheats, liars, and panhandlers.

The idea of "moving on" from electoral fraud is the same in principle as a taxi driver refusing to give five pesos change to a passenger and saying to her "e mayaman naman kayo, ma'am" ("what's five pesos to a rich person like you?"). Being rich does not reduce one's entitlement to being given the right change no matter how small the amount. For that matter, rich people are, in no way, obliged to give away money. Doing so goes against every principle behind what made them successful people. For the Philippines to aspire to be a truly excellent nation, its people must collectively crack down on electoral fraud.

The onus, to eradicate electoral fraud is greatest in the men and women who won a fraudulent election.

President Rodrigo Duterte is facing an opportunity not just of a lifetime but of an entire nation's lifetime. Putting in prison the officers and personnel of the COMELEC, Smartmatic, the Liberal Party and everyone else complicit in the conspiracy to defraud both winners and losers in these elections of votes that each had the right to be counted will, by itself, be an achievement that would set Duterte apart from every other president before him.


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