Trillanes has another trick - bring a case against Duterte before the ICC

Sunday March 12, 2017 ()


Senators will definitely fall into the trap laid out by both Senators Antonio Trillanes and Leila de Lima, along with their so-called Davao Death Squad members- witnesses and of course, the Liberal Party, should the Senate choose to reopen, for the third time, hearings on the alleged DDS summary killings by these witnesses who have absolutely no credibility.

Senator Richard Gordon held the first hearing on allegations of then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's direct hand in the DDS summary killings in Davao.

Trillanes has another trick - bring a case against Duterte before the ICC

The report stated that no evidence was presented by witness Edgar Matobato, who was moreover found to have been lying.

But there went Trillanes, bringing yet another lying witness to the Senate where a morning press conference was held and where the second witness, retired police officer Arthur Lascañas was presented, complete with FLAG lawyers allied with the yellows. The media lapped up Lascañas' fishy tale, claiming that he was there to corroborate the testimony of Matobato which he claimed was 90 percent accurate.

This was Trillanes' way of getting the Senate to hold another hearing on the same subject of the DDS and yet another opportunity for Trillanes to destroy Rody Duterte.

Trillanes brought this before the Senate, seeking a reopening of the DDS hearings, but Senator Gordon junked it as he had already terminated the hearings. However, Senator Ping Lacson fell into Trillanes' trap and got his panel to hold a hearing on Lascañas and his testimony on the DDS.

Lascañas took all of two hours to rehash his earlier statements made during the press conference, but like Matobato, Lascañas was found to be lying through his teeth. Not only did the new witness claim that he had a spiritual experience while claiming he is a changed man yet stated in his testimony before the Senate saying the DDS did not exist, even after his “spiritual awakening,” but also that the dance instructor of the presidential sister whom Matobato and his corroborating witness, Lascañas said they killed, turned up alive and well.

Senator Lacson then terminated the hearing, saying it was useless, as there was no corroboration and the witness had no proof to substantiate his allegations.

That didn't stop Trillanes as he and Lascañas came up with yet another claim, this time saying that there are two to four more witnesses ready to testify and corroborate the testimonies of Lascañas and Matobato. What? More lies added to the already the lies from the two witnesses?

That would be difficult to buy, but again, Trillanes and his two lying and coached witnesses continued with their media tour, feeding the media with lies and more lies.

And now in a safehouse, hosted of course by Trillanes and his Magdalo group, Lascañas and Matobato give their interviews to international media, as well as the local media, all done to destroy Rody while working for his ouster, even if Trillanes denies it.

What Trillanes is again angling for is for the Senate to reopen the hearings for the third time, for these new lying witness to be heard by the Senate. Trillanes knows that his style of getting media play through media interviews of his witnesses without Senate hearings will have to die sooner or later, as the interviews are nothing but overly rehashed claims without proof.

It really would be stupid of Senator Lacson to again reopen his hearing on the DDS, being aware of the fact that the first two witnesses are perjurers and offer absolutely no proof, except their allegations that have no basis.

But he probably believes that, like Goebbels (one of Adolf Hitler's close associates), that by constantly repeating the lies, the public will believe all that rubbish from his witnesses will be taken as truth.

Trillanes has another trick up his sleeve. Matobato's lawyer has threatened to bring a case against Duterte before the International Criminal Court although this complaint against Rody by the perjurer Matobato and all other witnesses Trillanes will pile up on the ICC, but I won't get anywhere, even in the ICC.

It wouldn't surprise anyone if the Philippine government will cut its ties with the ICC.

To this day, there has been no solid proof that Rody organized the DDS and ordered all those killings in Davao City. Not even the Human Rights groups can claim they have the evidence of Rody having ordered the summary killings, whether in Davao City or today.

It's a waste of time.


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