Impeachment against President Duterte? Nice try, but it won't work

Friday March 17, 2017 ()

Rody Duterte

It is of course yet another publicity bid and by the yellows, through Antonio Trillanes and his partner in Congress, Magdalo partylister Gary Alejano.

Alejano filed an impeachment complaint in the House of Representatives, which he, Trillanes and Leila de LIma, all yellows and all of whom are hungry for a return to power and pelf, this time through the "ascension" to the presidency of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Impeachment against President Duterte? Nice try, but it won

However, they all know that this impeachment complaint against Rody won't get past first base — if it gets to first base at all, which already bares the fact that they all know that the impeachment complaint, flawed as it is, won't fly which is why this complaint is merely being lodged for full media publicity.

However, the plan of the yellows is to do this by following the pattern of the impeachment bid by the then opposition, led by then Speaker Manny Villar, the pick of then sitting president Joseph Estrada, where Villar read the impeachment complaint right after the congressional prayer, refusing to have the plenary vote, knowing that the members of the House in plenary would quickly vote against the Estrada impeachment.

Unconstitutionally skipping the house plenary vote, Villar immediately sent the complaint to the Senate, where then Senate president, yet another yellow, was even waiting for it, as he was also in on the ouster plot against then President Estrada, so a trial would begin in the Senate.

Of course, the yellow Senate didn't have the numbers and failed to convict Estrada.

It was later discovered that the then Supreme Court Justice, Hilario Davide, a most disgraceful SC chief, was in on the ouster Erap plot, which is why he refused to call back the House prosecutors who had walked out. Instead Davide and his sidekick, then Justice Artemio Panganiban, went to the streets to join the yellows and swore in then Vice President Gloria Arroyo as president--not acting president. And worse, the SC came up with a ridiculous and unconstitutional doctrine that said Estrada had "constructively resigned" despite the fact that no such thing exists for a presidential vacancy in the Constitution and no such thing as evidence of his having resigned.

Trillanes and Alejano, all puppets of the yellow president and all coup plotters, appear to want a reprise of the unconstitutional Edsa II.

There is, however, a problem and a big one too.

Congress has just adjourned, which means this will take time.

But here is a bigger problem: The impeachment complaint goes to the House justice committee which is headed by Rep. Rey Umali, who is a Rody loyalist. It is unlikely that there would be the numbers from those anti-Rody congressmen in the justice committee to bring this up, that's for sure. No numbers, no impeachment complaint for trial in the Senate.

And here comes the zinger: Even assuming that Umali being the chairman of the justice committee will do a Villar and there are enough numbers to approve the impeachment complaint in the justice panel, what comes next? A House plenary vote of course. No Speaker Manny Villar, neither Umali nor Speaker Pantaleon "Bebot" Alvarez, would go against Rody. Both are loyal to Rody. Speaker Alvarez is definitely unlike Villar, who stabbed Estrada in the back.

But definitely, Trillanes, Alejano and the yellows, who are salivating for power and position, don't have their ears on the ground.

For one, the Alejano impeachment complaint is flawed. It accuses Rody of the killing of drug suspects, as well as plunder, along with treason orh igh crimes, based on giving up Philippine sovereignty to China, due to the Chinese exploration team having been allowed to sail into Benham Rise, which belongs to the Philippines.

China has already stated that Benham Rise belongs to the Philippines, so how on earth can the complainants state that Rody has given up on the Philippine sovereignty claim?

And where is the evidence to prove that Rody had given up that claim of sovereignty?

Also, if this is what the complainants are basing their impeachment bid, why then did Trillanes, and Alejano, not file an impeachment bid against their yellow president, Noynoy, when an American ship sailed into Philippine territorial waters and even got stuck there? Because it was America that entered without permission, and destroyed corals and all marine life in the area? All Aquino asked for was to fine the US for the damage.

There were a lot of constitutional violations committed by the yellow president, such as building bases for the American troops and allowing their ships that carry nuclear weapons, when these are forbidden by the Constitution?

What the yellows, Trillanes and Alejano and maybe even Robredo want is to have Rody ousted early, since the protest of Bongbong Marcos, given time, may just succeed and oust her instead.

With Robredo out, there would be no impeachment, that is for certain. The yellows are allergic to the Marcoses. Of course the yellows can try and impeach Rody. After all, they have a yellow SC chief justice who may go the destabilizers way.

I wouldn't bet on these destabilizers' succeeding. Rody is not only very popular with the masses, but also knows that his supporters, who count more than the yellow supporters, including the Catholic bishops, will rally round Rody and Trillanes, Alejano and all their yellow chieftains, will be charged and jailed.


  1. Nice try, but it won’t work by Ninez Cacho-Olivares , March 17, 2017, The Daily Tribune

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