Yellow priestess Hontiveros should stop the hypocrisy

Saturday August 26, 2017 ()

Risa Hontiveros

Senator Risa Hontiveros, who on her own, took custody of the alleged eyewitneses while Kian Loyd de los Santos was being being summarily executed by the policemen, and while Kian was made to kneel, in a press conference she called yesterday, wants Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre to recuse himself from any investigation concerning the killing of the murdered teenager.

Hontiveros, a senator heavily identified with the yellows, and of course her yellow president, accused the justice secretary, saying he has no credibility owing to his alleged one-sided statement the other day.

Yellow priestess Hontiveros should stop the hypocrisy

Aguirre earlier commented on the fact that because Hontiveros took custody of the eyewitness, he feared that the witnesses may no longer be credible, being under a senator's custody, despite the fact that the Public Attorney chief, Persida Acosta and even the family of Kian has asked Hontiveros to release the eyewitnesses to the Department of Justice (DoJ).

But it looks like it is Hontiveros has a dark motive in getting the children under her custody.

The parents of two of three witnesses to the killing of teenage student Kian manifested their wish to transfer the protective custody of the children from the Senate to the Public Attorney's Office (PAO).

PAO chief Persida Acosta said the two witnesses were taken by Senator Hontiveros days ago without parental consent.

To get more media mileage, Hontiveros said the counsel of the three witnesses she earlier took custody of is now studying the possible filing of a case against Aguirre to "compel" the Cabinet official from taking part in the investigation.

It looks like it is she who may have to face a case, as she virtually kidnapped the three minors since she had no written permission from the parents of the minors.

The holier than thou Hontiveros said she will not allow Aguirre undermine the credibility of the witnesses, weaken the case against those involved in the killing, and limit the level of accountability to a few.

Hontiveros, like most yellows and devotees talks pure rot. Who the hell does she think she is? She should inhibit from the Senate probe. Besides, she has no credibility left.

Hontiveros should recuse herself from the probe, because she has no role in it. And she cannot deny that whenever the yellow senators and their allies come up with their witnesses that moreover they place under their custody, it is fact that their witnesses are polluted witnesses.

It is not far-fetched for Hontiveros and her yellow colleagues had already coached these witnesses on what to say.

But to make it clear: This is not to state that Kian is not a victim of extrajudical killing (EJK) and murdered by the policemen. He certainly is and was murdered by the dirty cops.

Aguirre has already said that evidence against the policemen shows that Kian was murdered.

Yet there went Hontiveros, saying that the people should not allow Aguirre to fix the case just as he did in the case of the murder charges against the policemen in the Albuera Mayor Espinosa murder.

This is the problem with the yellows. They accuse without evidence to buttress their accusations. How can they have the evidence to substantiate their accusations? And they won't have it either since it is the PAO that has filed murder and torture charges against the policemen.

Not surprisingly, Hontiveros agrees with the suggestion of Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon to have the Ombudsman probe Kian's death. Kian's murder does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman and Drilon knows it.

Hontiveros also told Aguirre to cease from offering to bring the three witnesses under the DoJ's Witness Protection Program (WPP). That's another slap on her face, as the parent of the minors has already asked that the Senate should give up custody of the minors to the DoJ and be placed under the witness protection program.

What seems evident is that the yellows are trying too hard to replicate the public outrage shown when, sometime in 1985, Evelio Javier was murdered, and these same yellows are trying to compare the murder of Kian to the murder of Javier, with the end view of yet another yellow ousting of a duly elected president. There is outrage over Kian's murder, but the yellows and the militants have been exaggerating the claimed outrage, in the hope of bringing down President Duterte.

So where was the yellows' outrage when Filipinos were being summarily killed under the regime of the yellow presidents, both mother and son, since EKJ was already present during the time of the yellow regimes. The yellows should really put a stop to their hypocrisy, which is why the hypocritical Yellows and the Liberals politically stink these days.


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