Killing of teenagers to sabotage Duterte's war on drugs

Sunday September 10, 2017 ()

Rally for Kian de los Santos

President Duterte Friday, September 8, 2017 claimed that the spate of killings involving teenagers is meant to sabotage his administration's war on drugs.

Given the deaths of teenagers quickly following each other, it is very probable that there is sabotage involved — and by the anti-Duterte groups that want him out.

Killing of teenagers to sabotage Duterte

Prior to the killing of Kian de los Santos, those who had been killed on account of their being alleged drug pushers, addicts and couriers, were all adults, and while the usual bleeding hearts slammed Duterte and his government and used all kinds of human rights violations against the President, their claims failed to bring about a strong outrage.

Then came Kian de los Santos' death which was evidently a rubout by the police that even planted evidence.

To the credit of Duterte, instead of protecting the police, he made it clear that, having seen the CCTV footage, the policemen involved will be prosecuted and jailed and he will show no mercy for the police that commit unlawful killings, if proven guilty.

Kian's death was taken advantage of by the usual anti-Rody groups and the usual leftists and commies to make up the numbers and succeeded in rousing outrage played up by media.

However, after the very public burial, the Kian story was dying out, the groups that want to sabotage Duterte and his government probably figured that more killings of teenagers would be the very formula to bring Duterte and his administration down.

And so, suddenly, there came the killings of teenager Carl Angelo Arnaiz, followed by a 14-year-old companion, Reynaldo de Guzman.

Not surprisingly, the media and the yellows portrayed Carl and Reynaldo as "innocents" yet they were clearly not innocents.

To be clear, innocent or guilty, no one deserves to be killed this way, whether by a far right and even far left groups.

But it is wrong for media to portray Carl and Reynaldo as innocent teenagers who were victims of the cops engaged in extrajudicial killings.

Carl not only had a gun but was said to have robbed a taxicab driver. He had tested positive for gunpowder residue.

Neighbors appear to have known of the criminal ways of Carl and Reynaldo, because it was they who gave the information that there were plans for the two to stage a robbery.

It has to be asked: Why was a 14-year-old boy allowed to be out in the streets and leaving with Carl late at night?

And why do their parents, whether Reynaldo or Carl's, allow their kids to be out late at night? It could not have been the first time they went out late at night. And it probably wasn't the first time either that the duo went out to stage a robbery.

In the case of Carl, it could be argued that as he had a gun, and as he tested positive in the paraffin test, he could have fired his gun but missed, and the cops fired back.

This is not to say that this is what happened. It will be the investigating teams that would figure out exactly what happened.

But in the case of the 14-year-old, it was definitely a summary killing by unidentified person or persons who wrap their victms in masking tape which is usually the style of extrajudicial killers on their victims who are said to be involved in drugs.

The reason sabotage of the Duterte presidency and his ouster is possible is that all too suddenly, the focus of the killings is on teenagers one after the other. Coincidence? Hardly, considering that the anti-Duterte groups have been wanting to get rid of him, and replace him with the Liberal Party Vice President, Leni Robredo.

Then too, these same groups wanting Rody ouster, believe that , as they have gotten Cadinal Tagle on their side, as well as the Leftists and not to forget the usual human rights groups who are out to get Rody, notice that these human rights groups say nothing about the clear human rights being violated by their poster girl of freedom and claimed fighter of human rights, Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi, as she is clearly complicit in doing nothing to aid the Rohingya who number 250,000 being forced out of Myanmar with their poster girl ignoring the crisis.

It is not farfetched that those who have been plotting the ouster of Duterte still have command over some dirty cops to do the job of salvaging teenagers, to destabilize the Duterte administration.

Duterte mentioned an upcoming rally and ordered soldiers stay in barracks and police to just manage the traffic.

These protesters can shout themselves hoarse, but these protest rallies certainly won't unseat Rody.


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