Is pollster SWS part of Yellow propaganda?

Wednesday October 11, 2017 ()

SWS pollster

Yellow as distinguished from black propaganda is the more vicious breed of smear operations against a political figure in an ouster bid since it uses all the range of dirty tricks which includes the witting or unwitting participation of foreign governments and international organizations, including the United Nations (UN).

The campaign is expected to go full throttle using the recent results of survey ratings showing a substantial drop in the "net" ratings of Duterte despite showing a clear majority of 73 percent with much trust and 67 percent being satisfied with his performance.

Is pollster SWS part of Yellow propaganda?

It seems that pollster Social Weather Stations (SWS) is part of the yellow offensive too as prior to the release of the survey showing a drop in Duterte's net rating it released a series of June reports showing results from a poll on the conduct of Duterte's war on drugs.

Released on different days in the runup to the satisfaction and performance poll on Duterte were the reports on "3 of 5 Filipinos agree that only poor drug pushers are killed", "Nearly half of Filipinos mistakenly believe drug use is punishable by death", and "90 percent say it is important that drug suspects be captured alive."

The reports were quoting from just one survey which was done June 23 to 26. Just 2 days for a nationwide face to face interviews with respondents survey and with leading questions to boot?

The day after the release of the yellow-inspired SWS poll on Duterte, yellow outlet Rappler and the similarly-colored conduit Human Rights Watch did a mutually complementing interview with HRW Geneva director John Fisher warning the country might be plucked off from the United Nations Human Rights Council for failing to live up to its "obligation to uphold human rights and be open to independent probes" amid Duterte's war on drugs.

"There are provisions for a state to be suspended or expelled from the UN's human rights body if they persistently violate human rights but it's a very rare and extreme," he said. "But so many states underlined the fact that the Philippines is in violation of its membership obligations is a signal that it is one of the options available to the international community if the government persists in violating the right to life," he added.

The next day, a group of European parliamentarians suddenly popped up demanding a halt to extrajudicial killings addressing their petition to Duterte and his government, which was an indirect attribution of EJK to the administration of Duterte.

The politicians seem always to be around when the yellow mob needs them and were notorious in seeking the immediate release of Senator Leila de Lima, who is detained on drug trafficking charges, in complete disregard of Philippine laws.

Strangely the European mission also warned that the country risks losing its privileges under the general system of preference scheme trade deal in which 6,200 of local exports enter the European Union (EU) duty-free.

An EU report is expected in January if the country still qualifies in the scheme, members of the group said.

Swedish parliamentarian Emilia Toyra even said human rights violations appear to be encouraged by Duterte himself.

The Liberal Party of course is up to its task of keeping the domestic pressure on Duterte through its attack dogs in the Senate led by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

The yellow mob was merely waiting for just the SWS report, the manipulation obviously undertaken in how the report was packaged to highlight the negative despite the still high figures favoring Duterte.

Nobody could have exposed the obvious yellow spins better than BBC's Stephen Sackur when he told Trillanes in a sensational interview, in a way, that any EU politician would envy the survey numbers of Duterte.

And envy they seem to show making themselves available whenever there's a chance to clobber Duterte.


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