Destabilization moves against the Duterte administration futile

Monday October 16, 2017 ()

Destabilization moves against Duterte

Even as the usual destabilizers continue to deny that they are out to overthrow President Duterte, too many indications point to their moves to oust him and clearly, ensuring that their protectors, Chief Justice (CJ) Lourdes Sereno and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales stay in position with their yellow vice president, Leni Robredo getting to sit in Malacañang for at least eight years as these ouster moves against Duterte come much earlier than expected.

Virtually, all the destab signs are there despite the denials, all of which moves have been going on for sometime, although met with failure every time. These destab groups have tried using the killings of the teenagers to bring down Duterte. The same group already has the churchmen with them on their plot to oust Duterte, what with the meddling bishops offering criminal cops sanctuary in return for their whistle-blowing against Duterte and his “state role” in extrajudicial killings, along with the biased and unproved claims of EJK cases reported and echoed reported by the yellow media that moreover increase the number of claimed EKJ cases weekly by a thousand, standing at over 13,000 alleged EKJ cases, while slowly destroying the Philippine National Police in a bid for the police to go against Duterte and join them — the destablizers.

Destabilization moves against the Duterte administration futile

That these same yellow-red proven destabilizers and coup plotters are moving to get Duterte ousted is much too evident. There is the instant sprouting of “new” groups, such as a lawyers' unheard of “alternative” group blasting against the impeachment moves of the Chief Justice and the Ombudsman and yet another batch of yellow supporters of Leila de Lima, demanding her freedom and repeating the line that she is a political prisoner as well as these biased and manipulative human rights groups who criticize Duterte and his administration almost daily, despite the absence of proof.

Lately, these human rights groups, with the active participation of the leftist Akbayan, misrepresented themselves as European Union parliamentarians and warned of the Philippines being ousted from the UN Human Rights Council. They were found to be fraudsters and manipulators, as the European Union and parliamentarians, denounced them, saying that they do not represent the EU.

See how far and dirty these Human Rights Watch and the yellows go with their black propaganda?

And just last Saturday, the same yellow group Tindig Pilipinas and allies, launched a signature drive demanding that Duterte sign a bank secrecy waiver to end doubts on his supposed unexplained wealth. Can't they have a bit of originality? Signature campaigns mean nothing.

The opposition group of course had Sen. Antonio Trillanes giving the details of the supposed bank deposits of the President, which is a rehash of his anti Duterte election campaign black propaganda against Duterte while claiming P2 billion in ill-gotten wealth he claims Duterte has.

In its petition, Tindig Pilipinas cited the Office of the Ombudsman's claim that it has copies of the supposed bank accounts obtained from the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC).

These proven lies are continuously being claimed by the yellows and their attack dog, Trillanes, whose credibility is zero since the AMLC has officially denied, at least three times, that the bank statements that the Deputy Ombudsman, and backed up by the Ombudsman that these bank documents they hold are fake.

The Ombudsman who is known to have lied under oath in a Senate impeachment trial on fake dollar accounts totaling $12 million owned by then CJ Renato Corona that she claimed was hidden wealth, is the official these lawyers groups are fighting for?

These lawyers' groups don't want CJ Sereno impeached, despite allegations of her failure to declare her legal fees, along with her alleged manipulative ways in the High Court? They don't want the two impeachable officials held accountable?

Definitely, these freaking yellow-red plus white destabilizers are out to oust Duterte, yet they don't seem to get it into their heads that the Filipino people just do not trust them, and trust Duterte instead. And this is the reason their plots won't work at this time, no matter the black ops and the lies they spin.

They went to town with the Social Weather Stations (SWS) net results which showed big dips in Duterte's ratings, even as the gross ratings were still a high majority ratings, with these destabilizers claiming that Duterte has lost people's support.

Unfortunately for them and their questionable SWS surveys, Pulse Asia, which does not use net ratings, showed 80 percent trusting and approval ratings of Duterte.

Don't these yellow-red boneheads get it yet? Duterte is credible, they are not. Duterte is still hugely popular. They are not all, carrying all that yellow stink with them all the time.


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