Paul Daza's new program on alleviating rice shortage in North Samar belied Raul Daza's performance report

Tuesday June 28, 2011 ()

On page 28 of Raul Daza performance 2001-2010 report under food security, Raul Daza said rice shortage in Northern Samar was dramatically reduced because of his food security programs. In 2008 according to the performance report, rice shortage is only around 5, 000 metric tons (MT) a significant drop from around 25, 000 MT shortage peak sometime in the early 2000.

That is a lie. Well, we are not saying the report of Raul Daza is a lie, Paul Daza is. (the picture to the left of page).

Paul Daza as quoted by Leyte and Samar Express (LSDE) on June 27, 2011, said we are 23,000 MT short of rice in Northern Samar in direct contradiction to Raul Daza's claim in his performance report of 2001-2010.

Even if the performance report is true (which is not), the statement of Paul Daza is actually saying that the programs of the past ten years, programs of the past administration were useless, did not sustain, and a waste of people's money and we have to restart again wasting the money of the people.

The LSDE report said that Northern Samar is having a program they call "Convergence Initiative" that will cost the taxpayers of Northern Samar (and the country of course) P5.87 billion. P2.82 billion of that amount is solely for improving rice production and in specific areas only, areas that are not rice starved compared to the rest of the Province. According to that (LSDE) report Paul Daza hopes Northern Samar is 100% rice sufficient by 2013 and hopes to have an income of P5.63 billion by 2016 that will address all of Northern Samar poverty woes.

In two years Catarman, Laoang and Las Navas among few more, will no longer be eating Thailand rice ? It could be true because right now the mentioned areas, the Paul Daza target areas, are not starving in rice relative to the rest of Northern Samar. With just a little more help those areas will be fine. THE QUESTION IS, why target an area which is already doing well ? Why allocate that much amount to these specific areas and leave the rest of the province hungry.

Something is not right here. They are already stealing money right from the start. You should watch this project Northern Samar. It is your money, not Raul Daza's, not Paul Daza's, IT IS YOURS.

(Performance Report 2001-2010 of Raul Daza)


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