Bongbong as Duterte successor?

Saturday June 23, 2018 ()

Former Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., the only son of the late former president Ferdinand Marcos, says he wants to return to Malacañang as President.

Bongbong told the Financial Times of London on Monday, June 16, 2018, he was aspiring to become the next President of the Philippines and would be pushing for a type of government that advocates equal rights and fair opportunities for everyone.

President Bongbong Marcos
(Former Senator Bongbong Marcos)

His platform could include supporting civil servants, including teachers, who would be appointed based on their ability instead of political perspective, of which he said Rodrigo Duterte, the current President, lacked.

He recalled that during his father's time, talent and distinguished track record mattered more than political loyalty.

He also had something to say about China and its bullying tactics in the South China Sea.

Bongbong said the Philippines needed to "come to some kind of modus vivendi" with China, the rising hegemon in south-east Asia.

He added:

"With the Philippines being such a strategic place, and with our traditional strong relationship with the US, and China as an emerging superpower, it puts us in a very difficult spot. "The giants shrug and we are injured."

He spoke of building a "more egalitarian system of government" in the Philippines. Mr. Marcos said:

"In my father's administration, I kept hearing 'nation-building', and I do not hear that phrase any more, It's more politicking than nation-building." 

The Marcos family has always been controversial as a result of elder Marcos' rule.

In 2016 the Marcos family, with help from Duterte, finally was able to have him buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani or Heroes' Cemetery, and in spite of the protests particularly by the victims of martial law.

Bongbong lost the vice presidential race in 2016 to Leni Robredo, but he demanded a recount claiming he was cheated.

Antonio Contreras, professor of political science at Manila's De La Salle University, said:

"The fact is, he got more than 14m votes, and might still become vice-president if the [recount] process is successful.vIf there was hatred against the Marcos name, he would have lost."


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