Prison Hallucination - Leila de Lima truly has gone crazy

Monday September 03, 2018 ()

Imprisoned Senator Leila de Lima appears to have gone batty and truly needs a shrink to get her head fixed instead of running wild with her political delusions, unless she wants to end up in the Mandaluyong Mental Hospital with other mental patients.

One comes up with such a conclusion given the fact that Leila is a lawyer and as one, if she were in her right frame of mind, she must know that the alleged "malevolent" plan of her bête noir, President Duterte — to get Vice President Leni Robredo removed from her post and replaced by Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos to succeed him before his term ends, needs concrete evidence to substantiate her clearly empty allegations.

There were other unsubstantiated claims she made, with zero evidence, such as insisting that Duterte is bringing down the public image of Robredo to make it easier for the public to accept a Marcos victory at the Supreme Court (SC) acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET).

Leila de Lima
(Leila de Lima)

What a laugh! It is de Lima, along with the yellows, assisted by the Reds and the White-clothed clerics, who has been trying, all this time, not only to bring down Duterte's image, but also, attempting to bring him down and ousting him — unconstitutionally of course, since the yellow-Red-White mob of which Leila is part, never truly respected the Constitution. Political history is proof of this factual statement.

The detained senator is truly delusional when she claims that there is no need for Duterte to bring down Leni's public image to make Marcos acceptable to the public as Duterte's successor, through what she insinuates will be a Duterte-controlled SC-PET, since many High Court justices are retiring and it will be Duterte who will be appointing their replacements.

She went as far as saying that:

"As the math of coopted SC votes improves to favor a Marcos fake victory, so will the Marcos-Robredo PET case unravel to its malevolent conclusion."

"After the Supreme Court has demonstrated its capability to perform the unconstitutional ouster of its own Chief Justice, it can no longer be relied upon to stand as the guardian of the Constitution and the rule of law."

Now de Lima bitches against the High Court and all because it denied her petition for the court to junk her drug cases as well as the court's denial for her to have her furlough as the counsel of the yellows to argue the case against Duterte's withdrawal from the International Court of Justice.

Leila is really asking for her disbarment if she doesn't ease up on her claims against the High Court, which have no basis either.

She is also then saying, in criticizing the High Court, that during the yellow regime, the court, which also had a lot of appointments done by her patron, Noynoy Aquino, was then controlled by her yellow president? Is that why he got off the High Court's hook when he was in power and position?

But like or dislike Bongbong Marcos, it is more than evident that he is acceptable to the public as a vice president, given the fact that even before he lodged his protest and even with the cheating machine of Smartmatic that poured in millions of votes in the dead of the night in Leni's favor, showed that Robredo won by a mere 240,000 votes or so, which already translates to the electorate's acceptance of Marcos as vice president.

Then too, it is as clear as day that even during the manual recount, the victory of Robredo was pretty suspicious, as the ballot boxes and the ballots inside them were water logged. Then too, there were too many other irregularities found that accompanied the revision of ballots.

Even as Leila comes up with all these wild claims, the fact is that it is a yellow-appointed associate justice who is in charge of the recount and is the ponente for this protest case brought about by Marcos against Robredo.

But her fantasy-addled mind has taken over and she now says:

"Now, more than ever, citizens must rely on their own organic power to thwart any attempt to undermine constitutional democracy and to foist Duterte's illegitimate choice of successor upon the Filipino people."

De Lima truly has gone bonkers, no longer being able to distinguish reality from fantasy. She really needs a shrink to get her head straightened out fast.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque called Leila's accusations as "prison hallucination," since the fate of Robredo hangs with the SC and not the President.

One can see just how ridiculous de Lima's claims are regarding the alleged illegitimacy and public's rejection of Marcos, along with her claim of Duterte's "malevolent plan" to remove Robredo with Marcos as the constitutional replacement of Robredo.

It is only de Lima and the yellows who refuse to accept that the Filipino nation has moved on from the Marcos' dictatorial rule.


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