Robredo proved accepting ICAD post was just to look for ammunition against the President

Thursday November 28, 2019 ()

The universal alliance of the discredited detractors had given its verdict that President Rody Duterte greatly underestimated Vice President Leni Robredo's capability, which was the reason for her to be unceremoniously booted out of as head of the anti-drugs campaign.

Rebredo is not done yet

Members of the disinformation mafia said Robredo was merely set up for a political smackdown courtesy of Rody.

The local office of Human Rights Watch (HRW) immediately came to her succor, saying that Rody "was never even remotely sincere" in the appointment of Robredo as co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD).

The pseudo-rights group, which indirectly instigated Rody to dismiss the anti-narcotics czarina, said Robredo "barely warmed her seat" when Duterte ordered her fired. Robredo was in her ICAD post for merely 18 days.

Phelim Kine taunted Rody, saying he was all packed and ready to go to the country right after Robredo accepted the offer to lead the campaign.

"Robredo (did) a great service to the Filipino people and her country by continuing her strong criticism of the rights-abusing 'drug war' and demanding accountability for the perpetrators of these crimes against human rights," goes the HRW in extolling the Vice President.

There is a tinge of truth about the statement of Rody having underestimated Robredo, since she is expected to further humiliate herself in her determination to get even.

"When Robredo said that she's not done, I believe her. She's not done making mistakes," Rody's spokesman Sal Panelo said.

Rody has all the good intents in appointing Robredo since he expected that, as head of the ICAD, she would have a better appreciation of the war on drugs after the Vice President called the campaign a dismal failure.

Panelo said 18 days in the key anti-narcotics body was enough since "she has more mistakes to make as an official."

Robredo hinted that Rody has been hiding a lot of things in the anti-narcotics drive, which would be contrary to what he did in giving the Vice President access to the inner workings of the program as ICAD co-chair.

Panelo noted that, if something is being hidden, "Why would he let his enemy in? She is considered an enemy because she's with the opposition, right? That's common sense."

If ever a chance was missed, it was Rody's offer for the political detractors to contribute their piece in the campaign to end the social scourge, which is the narcotics menace.

Robredo proved that her primary agenda in accepting the post was not to offer an alternative to the methods in solving the drugs problem but to look for heavy ammunition that can be used against the President.

Also, some quarters see her sacking as a positive development since, even if Robredo had the drive to make good in her post, the learning process would be incongruent with the urgent need to end the social blight.

Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) chairman Dante Jimenez said the government does not need Robredo, especially since it is running out of time in solving the drug problem.

"It seems to me that the Vice President is still in the process of studying. The war on illegal drugs is not for a student. And that's why the President was impatient since Robredo has nothing new to offer," the PACC chief said.

The whole episode on Robredo being allowed to take charge of the war on drugs merely showed that the detractors of Rody were pulling the strings on her and only have the sole agenda of demonizing the President in an effort to weaken public support and eventually oust him.

Robredo's alternative solution would involve her replacing the democratically-elected President instead of joining him in instituting reforms.



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