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Constitutional convulsions and the rationality of a constitutional convention

(Posted Friday January 19, 2018 22:04:24)

Former Chief Justice Hilario Davide has nothing but praises for the 1987 Constitution, a document prepared by a 50-member commission, all appointed by then President Corazon Aquino.

Rappler's Ressa drags the country's image to the mud - for her to survive

(Posted Thursday January 18, 2018 16:00:08)

Rappler president Maria Ressa has blackened the country's image in the world with her barefaced lie that President Duterte has attacked press freedom by ordering her online news website closed.

Maria Ressa's attack on the free press is pure, unadulterated rubbish, Rappler's scheme was an attack on the Constitution

(Posted Tuesday January 16, 2018 19:49:35)

Rappler president Maria Ressa's caterwauling that the corporate regulatory body's decision to close down her outfit is an attack on the free press is pure, unadulterated rubbish.

Bongbong should focus on reminding us why anyone who values democracy must support his protest

(Posted Monday January 15, 2018 21:19:49)

It is easy to be angered by the delaying tactics of Leni Robredo and her camp, abetted by the inordinate delay by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) under the leadership of Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa, the member charged to oversee the resolution of the election protest of former senator Bongbong Marcos.

PLDT-Smart and Globe Telecom has become the biggest source of financing for the CPP/NPA

(Posted Friday January 12, 2018 11:43:16)

The country's telecommunications duopoly, consisting of PLDT-Smart and Globe Telecom, has become the biggest single source of financing for the Communist Party and its terrorist group, the New People's Army, sources at the highest levels of government disclosed.

"Why will I run for senator when I already won as vice president?" - Bongbong; Caguioa is the reason for recount delay

(Posted Wednesday January 10, 2018 22:01:31)

I'll make it so simple that even a Yellow can understand it: If Leni Robredo won as vice president in May 2016, a recount of the same votes now, nearly two years later, will only confirm that she did.

President Duterte is objectively and irrefutably the "Filipino Of The Year"

(Posted Sunday January 07, 2018 18:56:58)

The Philippine Daily Inquirer chose blogger Jover Laurio as its Filipino of the Year, and placed the soldiers and policemen who fought against the IS-linked terrorists in Marawi only in the second rung. This not only is an indication of the very sorry state of journalism in the country.

Yet another Aquino gang scandal: Hijacking of P10.6-B senior citizens' funds

(Posted Thursday January 04, 2018 22:55:53)

It is another blatant, scandalous instance of the previous regime's culture of impunity in violating budget laws.

Up to 400% non OFW remittances surge preceded IS attack on Marawi - TMT Investigative Report

(Posted Thursday January 04, 2018 13:51:17)

The May 23, 2017 attack on Marawi City by terrorists linked to the Islamic State (IS) was preceded by a surge in local remittances to Northern Mindanao, host to major urban centers, a The Manila Times investigation has found.

Energy of political will of the presidency is the reason Duterte is succeeding

(Posted Thursday January 04, 2018 00:12:41)

Why is President Rodrigo Duterte succeeding with his administration and gaining in popularity after 18 months in office, while his predecessors mostly faltered or were even petrified (Aquino III) while serving much longer at the job?

5 dogmas and myths demolished by Duterte in 2017

(Posted Wednesday January 03, 2018 14:25:31)

The year 2017 will be remembered as the year a mayor from Mindanao who surprisingly became President demolished long-held national political and cultural dogmas and myths, whose persistence has been a formidable obstacle to our growth as a nation—and yet he continued to be immensely popular.

China is worlds' largest economy, has passed the U.S. and is pulling away

(Posted Saturday December 30, 2017 18:29:43)

What's the most powerful country in the world? There's a good case to be made that it's China.

The deceptive SWS survey on martial law extension

(Posted Thursday December 28, 2017 11:14:03)

Let's do a quick survey. Ask several people this question and note their replies:

How much do you agree with this statement: "Because the military reports continuing terrorist threats after its victory in Marawi, there is need to extend martial law in Mindanao beyond its end date of December 31, 2017"?

Immigration lookout order issued vs Aquino, Garin and 7 others over Dengvaxia

(Posted Sunday December 24, 2017 16:57:27)

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued an Immigration Lookout Bulletin Order (ILBO) against former president Benigno Aquino III, former health secretary Janette Garin and seven others over alleged irregularities in the acquisition and distribution of P3.5 billion worth of Dengvaxia vaccines.